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Hello and thanks for dropping by.

This website combines two of my passions - language (and culture) and motorbike tours.

Every year I do a number of motorbike tours, either in Germany (where I live), or in other countries in Europe. The moto pages contain travel guides of the motorbike tours I have done over the past few years. I hope that fellow motorcyclists will find the information useful.

I have a Masters in English Linguistics and I have taught English as a Foreign Language since 1999. Whenever I travel, I take particular notice of the language and culture of my current location. The lingua pages contain some of my linguistic and cultural observations while travelling.

I am English and I have lived in Germany since 1999. The about page gives a little more information about me.

(Note: The images on this website are all my own. If you wish to use any of the photos, please ask for permission, otherwise you will be breaking copyright law. The maps are licenced under Creative Commons licence CC-BY-SA from OpenStreetMap.

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